Hello everyone,

I am very excited of this study that you have embarked on. What an exciting time to be able to learn and grow in your knowledge of the Lord and fulfill your God given ability and purpose. I would like to encourage you to set sometime daily to nourish your spirit. You know today the world is demanding of your time, your family, job, business and friends are also doing the same thing. The only person who is not demanding some of your time is you. I would like you to make a decision that this is your season to begin to set aside a me time. Its your time that you will increase in knowledge and wisdom of God and will walk in full authority that God has given to you.

Besides setting a me time. I would also like to encourage you to share with others what the lord is teaching you. You will learn a lot during this time and others would like to share with you as well as rejoice with you in your progress with the Lord. My prayer for you is that the Lord who began a good work in you, will be able to bring it to completion. Have a great time learning. Stay blessed